Isaiah 58:12 ...The repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths

Old Paths Ministry (OPM) was begun by men ministering in varied areas of the Appalachians with a vision toward seeing this region of the United States won for Jesus Christ. One of the most beautiful areas of the United States still has enormous numbers of men, women and children who do not know Jesus Christ and do not have a KJV, Fundamental, Independent Baptist Church in the area.

Church Planting

OPM desires to equip godly men and their families to plant churches in areas without fundamental works. This task requires missionaries who are willing to live in and learn the culture of the Appalachians.

Veteran church planters of the Appalachians are among the leadership of OPM to plant new works and train men to pastor in this region.

With hundreds of churches closing in America each year and moral decline evidenced at each turn, it is essential that believers in Jesus Christ repair the breach and restore the paths by taking the Gospel to those who do not have it.


The Great Commission sends believers to preach the Gospel, to teach and disciple those won to Christ. Along with repairing the breach by planting churches, Old Paths Ministry has men teaching young believers how to walk along the path. In this day of situational ethics, believers must be taught that God does have absolutes. As the path of godliness is restored in believers lives, they will be the witness God expects and this world needs. The ministry of discipleship extends to the new churches, existing churches, jails and wherever God opens doors.

Because Men, Women, and Young People need to be:

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